About Way2Enrich

Way2Enrich was originated/emerged from its parent company Way2Online which was founded in March 2005. Way2Online is a MarTech and Data Intelligence company headquartered in Hyderabad India, with a user base of 100 million people.

Way2Enrich uses Artificial Intelligence and most advanced data processing algorithms to extract actionable customer data intelligence from human generated information on the public web, social networks, blogs and from all other publicly available data sources. Way2Enrich provides best-in-class data intelligence and enrichment solutions which help brands to advance targeting efforts, improve their customer experience and most importantly companies can save their marketing budget.

Way2Enrich meets every data need of the modern marketer as we mine millions of data points every day in real-time to pull out most accurate and fresh actionable customer data by added intelligence to our systems and frameworks across the organisation.