Unify/refine/enhance your customer data by adding ( name,location,gender..etc ) 12 valuable attributes.

Highest Match Rate

Get up to 80% match rate for your customer emails. Pay only for successfully matched customer profiles.

Rich Data

We extract, aggregate and normalize the data from human created public, social, crowd sourced platforms.

Most Accurate

Our state of the art Customer Intelligence platform uses Artificial Intelligence to deliver the most accurate and fresh customer data available on the planet.


We enrich customer data from anywhere on the planet. All we need is an email address to know about your customer.

Save Resources

Our Email Intelligence increases scalability of your product in the market and will save indirect costs for your company.


With Way2Enrich

  • Improve your sales and carry out successful email campaigns with enriched customer data.

  • Learn more about your customer and make killer lead nurturing emails.

  • We help you spot the invalid emails from your list and help you make the right decisions.

  • Improve your return on investment (ROI) and save your marketing budget/ prevent budget spill.

  • Your customer data becomes valuable asset for your business.

  • Optimize your conversions with our insightful and actionable customer data intelligence!


How it Works

File Upload Upload a CSV and choose data points you require. Download with enriched customer data.

Developer APIs Easy cURL and node API requests to get customer data enrichments on the fly.


Frequently Asked Questions

Drop an email at enrich@way2online.com if you could not find your question below

What kind of payment model do you follow?

We follow pay as you go model. There would be an eWallet, you just have to refill your wallet to enrich your customer data.

Do I get a refund?

Yes you will. If there is any amount left in the eWallet after the enrichment service you can request for a refund and it would processed immediately.

What is the turnaround time for my customer data?

We process approximately 10,000 records(emails) in 60 mins !

What is a field price and does it vary?

We follow flat pricing of 1 cent for all the data points except contact details, professional details and interests as they are categorized as critical and viable points for which we charge 3 cents.

How many data points/fields do you provide?

We provide 12 valuable data points/fields which are; Name, Gender, Age, Image, Relationship status, Contact details, Languages, Location, Education, Profession, Professional skills and Interests.

How is the price calculated?

Once the customer data(emails) is submitted, you need to select the data points/fields that are to be enriched, for which we charge based on the match rate. You only have to pay for the customer data we match.